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We are a language institute based in Houston that specializes in providing on-site English (English as a Second Language or ESL) and Spanish classes in many locations around the USA such as Texas, Oregon, New Jersey and Tennessee to name a few.  Our language learning service offers business English and Spanish classes, courses, and programs for corporate clients. One of our unique specializations that we have developed over the last ten years is our proprietary on-site workplace (vocational) English language program directed at blue collar laborers such as machine and equipment operators, technicians, manual labor personnel, farm laborers, hotel staff, maintenance workers, and other vocational type workers. This workplace ESL program might be described as our cornerstone language program.  Contact us to see how we can guide you on your journey to establishing an on-site language program at your workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

On a case by case basis, we have and can offer programs in other languages. Please contact us and let us know about your situation and we will consider whether or not we can meet your needs to the high standards we have for delivering our services to our clients. The biggest concern we have is our ability to identify and work with highly qualified language teaching professionals for a targeted language. Finding a native speaker of a foreign language (other than Spanish) who  also has valid experience teaching their language can present a considerable challenge in certain markets.

Although we have organized ESL programs for children with private schools since our founding, we have decided to discontinue promoting ESL programs for children as a regular part of our services. We will continue to work with children on a case-by-case basis. If you are in the Houston area, we do have a partnership with a local private school there that accepts international students and offers I-20s. If interested, please contact us for more information.


Client Roster

Some of our higher profile national and multinational clients we have been delivering on-site language programs to……

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