A New Path Forward

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With the launch of our completely reimagined and redesigned website comes a lot of accompanying anxiety because this new site doesn’t simply represent some “fresh paint on the walls.” It represents my arrival at a crossroads of a journey that on the surface started almost two years ago with the decision to overhaul our entire business’ identity including our logo and website. But really, this crossroads is the intersection of two different trajectories in my adult professional life. The first half of that journey was one in which I followed a very conventional path with running a business where what I did professionally represented what I did to “make a living” more or less and was in many ways disconnected from who I was privately—almost like having two separate identities.

This disconnection was never what I intended. It was the result of my interpretation of how I thought a business was supposed to be run in the sense that when I ran my business, I was supposed to “put on my business hat and costume” and when I did things in my personal realm, I put that particular costume on. It never sat well with me and for the longest time, I couldn’t figure out how to bridge that divide—until about two years ago when the vision for how to unify those two seemingly separate aspects of my life finally came to me. I had the realization that what I do with Premiere Language was really an expression of who I’ve always been since I was a child—which is to say someone who is deeply fascinated with all things foreign. This fascination has led me to spend much of my adult life exploring foreign places and cultures. In short, my life has been one never-ending pilgrimage in pursuit of wonder—the wonder of “otherness;” other ideas, other perspectives, other ways of dressing, other ways of behaving and socializing, other languages, other kinds of food, other kinds of architecture, and other languages. Through these foreign encounters, I experience shifts in consciousness that in many ways are inimitably associated with removing ourselves from our familiar environment.

This made me realize that my work with Premiere Language was deeply connected to my core identity as a person and that in order to reconcile this split I felt with my professional life, I would need to reshape my business identity to accommodate and include more of me. This is not something I am naturally comfortable with. I am by nature a very private person. However, I know that I cannot cultivate a deep connection to my work if I continue to relate to it as something I do rather than as an expression of who I am. I’m no longer willing to have a third person relationship to my business and this crossroads I stand at with the launch of my new website marks my pivot toward the integration of my business identity with my own. So let the new journey begin. Steady as she goes.

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