The journal is a place where we feature video shorts and writing pieces on language, culture, their intersection, the craft of teaching, and explorations into the nature of learning itself.  It’s a place where we can explore those stories that evoke and stir our own sense of wonder for it is this sense of wonder that we feel is so precious to steward in both ourselves as teachers and within the students we teach.  In that sense, the teacher part of us stays connected to that aspect within us that is childlike and curious about the world.  By following our fascination, we continuously stoke the flame of wonder inside of us which feeds our teaching practice.  We have a particular fascination with the deeper layers of culture that lie beneath the veneer of what constitutes the popular culture that is associated with English language speaking countries like the USA, Ireland, Great Britain, and others.  We will also explore the “otherness” of other cultures and cultural traditions from around the world.  We feel there are many stories that demonstrate the complexity of how culture and language are interrelated and showcase the remarkable ability of the human spirit to help us to adapt to foreign and challenging circumstances–something that is a hallmark quality in good students.  We seek to tell these stories.

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The Vital Role of Inefficiency in Learning

How do we define “learning?”  Is learning the harvest of a creative endeavor that requires a genuine investment of effort and sacrifice on our part or merely a transactional act focused on how rapidly we can access and ingest information

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Learning’s Landscape of Beauty

I love it when an experience puts me into what the great Irish writer, James Joyce, would call a state of “esthetic arrest”—when an experience stops time.  I am a teacher by profession but I paradoxically most often find myself in

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Video Journal


I’m still working on getting this space populated with videos.  I had to do some research on the best video content delivery provider and ultimately decided against YouTube.  It’s free but that free price tag comes with the classic “caveat emptor” that one should come to expect–which is to say that YouTube is looking to promote itself in exchange for the service and resources they provide rather than me.  This is totally fair to me to be honest.  I shouldn’t expect behavior that is different when I am asking them to give me all of that bandwidth, unlimited storage, and the most popular video platform in the world for free.  The reality is that it is not nor should it be free.  So after some investigation and consideration of the various alternative video hosting platforms like Wistia and Vimeo, I went with a paid plan from Vimeo.  Now I just need to finish up a couple of my video projects in queue so I can have the actual content to deliver.  It’s coming.  In stages but it’s coming.