The journal is a place where we feature video shorts and writing pieces on language, culture, their intersection, the craft of teaching, and explorations into the nature of learning itself.  It’s a place where we can explore those stories that evoke and stir our own sense of wonder for it is this sense of wonder that we feel is so precious to steward in both ourselves as teachers and within the students we teach.  In that sense, the teacher part of us stays connected to that aspect within us that is childlike and curious about the world.  By following our fascination, we continuously stoke the flame of wonder inside of us which feeds our teaching practice.  We have a particular fascination with the deeper layers of culture that lie beneath the veneer of what constitutes the popular culture that is associated with English language speaking countries like the USA, Ireland, Great Britain, and others.  We feel there are many stories that demonstrate the complexity of how culture and language are interrelated and showcase the remarkable ability of the human spirit to help us to adapt to foreign and challenging circumstances–something that is a hallmark quality in good students.  We seek to tell these stories.

Latest Journal Posts

Rekindling Wonder in Learning

A bead of sweat collected at the tip of my nose as I stared at the ground between my hiking boots trying to allow my eyes to train their focus on something as my hands supported my collapsed torso on

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A New Path Forward

With the launch of our completely reimagined and redesigned website comes a lot of accompanying anxiety because this new site doesn’t simply represent some “fresh paint on the walls.” It represents my arrival at a crossroads of a journey that

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Video Journal

March 6 UPDATE

This space will soon start to be populated with videos.  We’ve got a lot of interesting stories waiting to be told and as we work through the queue of video projects, we’ll start releasing those to our forthcoming Youtube Channel which we’ll post here in this space.  We’re looking forward to telling some stories!