The Vital Role of Inefficiency in Learning

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How do we define “learning?”  Is learning the harvest of a creative endeavor that requires a genuine investment of effort and sacrifice on our part or merely a transactional act focused on how rapidly we can access and ingest information and data?  We live in an era where obtaining information has become astonishingly efficient on […]

Learning’s Landscape of Beauty

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I love it when an experience puts me into what the great Irish writer, James Joyce, would call a state of “esthetic arrest”—when an experience stops time.  I am a teacher by profession but I paradoxically most often find myself in the role of the inquirer, what one might associate more with the student.  This learning […]

Learning to Let Your Wonder Wander

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Learning is a marvel to me.  I never tire of seeing how often my curiosity and sense of wonder are activated by a new experience or encounter.  Sometimes I feel there is a modern notion suggesting learning is something that is the exclusive domain of childhood, the purpose of which is to prepare us for […]

Lessons in Learning from Dove Fledglings

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Lessons in Learning from Dove Fledglings Recently, I had to run an errand.  I was in a bit of a hurry and had a lot of things swirling in my head so in this state of mind, I snatched my keys and stepped out the back door to go to the garage.  I pull the […]