• Are you a nonprofit that works with refugees and/or immigrants helping them to transition into US life?
  • Would you like a culturally sensitive ESL program delivered on-site to your facility to support the transition and integration of refugees and immigrants to US life both vocationally and socially?
  • Would you like the refugees and immigrants you support to work with teachers who have immense compassion for and experience working with populations from developing nations?  Many of our teachers have lived and worked abroad in such countries and have first hand experience being a foreign expat having to adapt to a new language and culture.
  • Our culturally sensitive approach to teaching ESL is one that honors the cultural and linguistic heritage of our students while helping them to acquire not only English but English relevant to the new culture they are adapting to.  The ultimate goal is to help them integrate into US society so that they can feel at home in their new country. 

Our Immigrant ESL program is focused on providing ESL classes that specifically supports gentle and expedient adaptation of refugees and immigrants to a new life in the US.  Our focus is on helping refugees and immigrants acquire English communication skills that are relevant to their anticipated vocational and social lives in their new country.  Our learning model is very much driven by a focus on working with extraordinary teachers who embody what we feel are vitally important teaching qualities of compassion, service, creativity and passion. 

where we operate

  • We operate in many places in the U.S. Some of the places we’ve run programs include Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, California and even a remote site in Arkansas to name a few.

who we serve

  • Nonprofit organizations and churches
  • Any group or organization who supports large immigrant/refugee transition programs

Benefits of Our Program

 Our Refugee ESL Program helps to accelerate the transition and integration process in a number of ways:

Linguistic Tools for Refugees to Obtain Vocational Jobs

  •  Our ESL program for refugees and immigrants has a core component of English communication for vocational work environments as we know that many refugees and immigrants transition into vocational type work.  We have been involved in the development and deployment of on-site vocational ESL programs to manufacturing and production facility environments for ten years now so we are intimately familiar with the type of English utilized in vocational job settings.

Cultivating Greater Sense of Emotional Well Being and Sense of Agency

  • A high quality, professional ESL learning experience cultivates a sense of personal agency with students as they acquire high quality communication skills in English.  With this sense of agency comes a greater level of comfort, confidence and willingness to interact and create new experiences with their new cultural community.

Support for Refugees Integration into Social and Daily Life

  • Our ESL program for refugees also emphasizes developing life skills oriented English that would directly support their efforts to integrate into US society both socially and daily life tasks such as going shopping, banking, paying bills, resolving issues with customer services, etc.

why WORK WITH us

10 Years of Specialized Experience

  • We’ve been working with immigrants who are from developing countries for ten years now, particularly through our vocational ESL programs on-site with manufacturing and production facility environments. 

Exceptional Teaching Professionals

  • Our core informing belief at Premiere Language is that great teachers create great learning experiences.  We have learned from experience that in addition to the need to work with exceptionally skilled ESL teachers, an ESL program that supports immigrants and refugees requires an ESL teacher that possesses unique qualities that best support the creation of an effective learning environment for ESL students from developing countries who often come from extremely challenging and even traumatic environments.  Many of the teachers we assign to work with this type of population have lived and taught these kinds of populations and Third World countries and possess a unique compassion and care for working with this types of students born out of direct experience.

Refugee Relevant Approach

  • We focus on creating learning environments that have a direct relationship to the types of English language skills refugees and immigrants most directly need to help them most effectively adapt to life a self-sufficient life in the US.

Scalable Programs

  • We adapt our ESL programs to accommodate both the size of your group participants and the size of your budget.