In addition to the more obvious benefits associated with learning Spanish which include more effective communication with a Spanish speaking target market and clientele, a great Spanish program can be experienced as a fountain of cultural vitality in an office setting atmosphere naturally focused on the drier concerns of being productive and efficient. Curiosity is stirred and the imagination is activated and awakened, both valuable resources in any organization as Steve Jobs might have concurred.  


  • Corporate clients looking to deploy an on-site Spanish program for its employees.
  • Can be delivered individually or in group formats.


  • We operate anywhere in the U.S.  Some of the places we’ve run programs include Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, California and even a remote site in Arkansas to name a few.


Engaging Learning Experiences

  •  Learning a foreign language can be quite challenging and that challenge is magnified exponentially when the learning experience is bland and unstimulating.  Creating an engaging learning experience for our students is the most important objective.  The best way to insure that is to work with extraordinarily talented Spanish teachers who not only speak Spanish natively but have specific experience teaching the Spanish language.  

Culturally Sensitive Instruction

  • Our experience has shown us over the years that working with native Spanish speaking teachers who possess not only substantial experience teaching Spanish but an incredible amount of pride and passion for their culture is one of the best ways to deliver this type of experience.  Great Spanish classes should not be focused on language to the exclusion of culture.  The cultural context (which includes food, music, dress, etiquette, ways of thinking, approach to social engagement, etc) is what provides the spices that bring the recipe for a learning experience to life.  Language outside of its cultural context is reduced to a boring collection of lifeless words and grammar rules—not very interesting material for a language class.


Extraordinary Teaching Professionals

  • Our core informing belief at Premiere Language is that great teachers create great learning experiences.  The teacher is the most valued asset at Premiere Language so we put a lot of energy and leverage our considerable experience to find the best ESL teachers to work with your clients.  


  • We’ve been designing and running corporate ESL programs for over ten years now with clients ranging from mid-sized companies all the way up to large Fortune 500 corporations.  Chris Franek has twenty years of experience with language instruction and his experience permeates the ethos of Premiere Language so that the needle on our organizational compass always guides us back to our central identity—We are teachers continuing to proudly uphold a lineage of one of the most important societal functions going back to ancient times.