The Blue Collar ESL program is a program that we developed from the ground up for over ten years in response to the growing needs of manufacturing and production clients who work with a non-native English speaking vocational workforce. Many of these workers often come from countries where they had very limited exposure to formal education learning environments. Since most ESL methodologies and approaches were developed to accommodate students who are familiar with formal learning environments, we were challenged to reimagine an ESL approach that supported students with minimal experience in traditional learning settings. Many of these students are more visually and spatially oriented in the way that they learn new concepts so an approach that is sensitive to that was needed. Also, the traditional linguistic benchmarks and objectives for this type of learning demographic are very different from that of white collar ESL students so we’ve had to create a whole different set of linguistic measurement tools that better matches the particular types of linguistic environments they communicate in at their jobs and socially.

who we serve

  • Manufacturing and production facilities of all kinds be it for heavy equipment for the oil and gas industry, furniture, trailers, etc.
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Industrial farms
  • Apartment complexes who have maintenance technicians and other support staff needing language support to better serve tenants 
  • Hospitality Industry (hotels and restaurants who have staff needing language support to better serve customers and patrons)
  • Any workplace environment where there is a population of vocational workers who do not speak English natively and are deficient in their ability to communicate in English effectively.

where we operate

  • We operate anywhere in the U.S. Some of the places we’ve run programs include Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, California and even a remote site in Arkansas to name a few.

Benefits of Our Program

Increased Safety of Workers

  •  With improved ability to independently interpret written safety protocols and changing operating procedures come improved safety and a reduction of safety incidents.

Improved Productivity

  • Improved communication ability in English means more effective interpretation of production related directives from supervisors (bypassing the need for the “bilingual co-worker” attempting to translate for his fellow co-workers) as well as the ability for workers to ask for clarity when something is confusing or quickly report issues that might interrupt production.  

Creating Opportunities for Promotion to Leadership Roles

  • Many times, there are incredibly knowledgeable and valuable employees who would normally be targeted for leadership roles but due to their deficiencies with communicating effectively in English, they are unable to be considered.  As they develop and evolve their English communication skills through our on-site ESL program, their improved abilities to communicate in English both verbally and in writing will open previously closed doors to promotion into leadership roles thus enhancing their value to the client. 


why choose us

10 Years of Specialized Experience

  • We’ve been designing and running our proprietary specialized Blue Collar ESL programs for ten years now and we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes ranging from small family run production facilities all the way up to large Fortune 500 manufacturing facilities.  We have hard won knowledge about how to work with these special types of ESL learners in a vocational setting.

Exceptional Teaching Professionals

  • Our core informing belief at Premiere Language is that great teachers create great learning experiences.  We have learned from experience that in addition to the need to work with exceptionally skilled ESL teachers, a blue collar ESL program requires an ESL teacher that possesses unique qualities that best support the creation of an effective learning environment for vocational ESL students.  These are the specific types of teachers that we assign to our blue collar ESL programs and are huge reason why they have been so successful.  We don’t compromise on this standard of excellence.

Client Specific Approach

  • Although there are many overlapping similarities between the client sites our Blue Collar ESL programs operate on, we also know from experience that each client can have unique concerns that a “one-size-fits-all” approach can’t address.  Every client site has a different operating environment with different jargon and communication needs so we work to incorporate those concerns into the shaping of our approach for each client site we work on. 

Continually Evolving Approach

  • Although our Blue Collar ESL program is now well established and mature, it is not static.  It has been in a constant state of evolution over the last ten years as we continually appraise what works and doesn’t work effectively with each program that we’ve run.  With each iteration at a new client site, we seek to make refinements as our understanding of how these unique types of ESL learners acquire language skills.

Scalable Programs

  • Whether or not you have 10 or 400 participants, we can scale our program to accommodate any population size.