Corporate ESL
English classes at your office

Corporate ENGLISH (ESL) Program

Our corporate English program is an on-site English language learning program designed to serve the needs of non-native English speaking corporate executive and management professionals working here in the United States on expat contracts with a work visa or as US residents.  We organize English language classes in either one-to-one or group formats delivered on-site at your office or virtually a remote learning platform.  Our corporate English classes are always conversation centered as our experience has been that prioritizing oral communication skills is the gateway to a much more sustainable learning experience with all of the other linguistic skill areas.  That being said, we customize and adapt the program to suit the needs of each client. 

who we serve

  • Corporate clients looking to deploy an on-site ESL program for its non-native English speaking employees who are having significant challenges communicating effectively in English.

Where we operate

  • We operate anywhere in the U.S. Some of the places we’ve run programs include Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, California and even a remote site in Arkansas to name a few.

Benefits of Our Program

Engaging Learning Experiences

  •  Ultimately, the effectiveness of any language learning program depends on how engaged the students are in the learning process.  For us, this is the most important dimension to cultivate in any learning container.  We recognize that the key determining factor for that is the quality of the teacher.  Teaching is and has always been a creative craft and we search for not only experienced ESL teachers but teachers who have a natural genius for connecting imagination to their craft.  

 Culturally Informed Instruction

  • We highly value ESL teachers that have lived and/or taught abroad.  We have found that when an ESL teacher has had an experience being an expat in a foreign country that his approach to teaching and working with his students is profoundly informed with valuable measures of humility, respect and compassion.  The experiences of living abroad helps to cement the intimate relationship that culture has with language which serves to deepen the teacher’s craft.  Expats living in the US not only face linguistic challenges but they also face the great difficulty of adapting to a very different cultural environment which unavoidably and naturally has a very substantial influence on how effectively they acquire English.  Who better to work with an ESL student who is an expat in a foreign land than a teacher who has also been an expat in a foreign land? 

Why Choose Us

First Rate Teaching Professionals

  • Our core informing belief at Premiere Language is that great teachers create great learning experiences.  The teacher is the most valued asset at Premiere Language so we put a lot of energy and leverage our considerable experience to find the best ESL teachers to work with your clients.  


  • We’ve been designing and running corporate ESL programs for over 13 years now with clients ranging from mid-sized companies all the way up to large Fortune 500 corporations.  Chris Franek has 25 years of experience with language instruction and his experience permeates the ethos of Premiere Language so that the needle on our organizational compass always guides us back to our central identity—We are teachers continuing to proudly uphold a lineage of one of the most important societal functions going back to ancient times.